Isis Pharma Neotone Serum - 25ml

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Neotone Serum is an intensive depigmenting night care that offers a complete action against all types of pigmentary spots. It acts at each stage of the formation of brown spots thanks to its Depi-Act patented complex, and helps eliminate the brown spots on the surface of the skin, thanks to its superficial peeling effect.
Combined with NEOTONE Radiance SPF 50+, it allows to ensure an efficacy that is equivalent to that of medical reference molecule, for a significant reduction of pigmentary spots, while providing optimal tolerance.

How to use:

Apply everyday in the evening, on clean skin, over localized areas of the face, neck, neckline and hands. Use an adapted solar protection (NEOTONE Radiance SPF 50+ or a product of the UVEBLOCK range with SPF 50+) on exposed areas for the duration of the care.
Avoid contact with eyes. This product contains AHA.


  • The patented complex [DEPI-ACT] offers a synergy of unique depigmenting actions. Thanks to its combination of 4 rigorously selected active ingredients, it acts at every stage of the formation of brown spots and imitates the natural mechanism responsible for the whiteness of the palms of the hand, to effectively remove brown spots.
  • Glycolic acid + Salicylic acid: provide a superficial peeling effect that helps eliminate the pre-existing spots on the skin’s surface.

Tested under dermatological control.

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