Jadole Naturals Organic Beard Oil And Leave-In Conditioner Softener, Fragrance Free

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Softener oil will make your beard less coarse and abrasive. It will be manageable and easy to groom, with no stray whiskers.  
It also treats split ends as well – whether they start to come in naturally or occur after a shave.  

HELP YOUR BEARD SHINE AND LOOK HEALTHY: This organic beard oil won't just make your beard feel healthier, it will also look healthier, with a smooth shiny appearance that helps it appear fuller and thicker. 

Easy to use – either dampen your beard or apply dry. Just a few drops a day (glass dropper included!) is all it takes. Drop onto your hand then rub into your beard.  

FORGET ABOUT BEARD ITCH AND BEARD DANDRUFF: For your beard to look and feel fantastic, the skin underneath has to be in great condition.  

The Gentlemen’s Beard Oil Leave-in Conditioner Softener. it also conditions the skin to stop itchiness, flaky skin, and irritation.  

It reduces beard itch that can come with a brand new beard and helps with “bearddruff”. No more irritation or flakes!  

ABSORBS DEEP INTO YOUR BEARD FAST: This oil is quickly absorbed deep into your beard hairs, making them softer and stronger without any greasy residue or heaviness.  

Within an hour you'll be able to touch your beard without feeling the product at all.


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