Old Spice Denali Body Wash - 473ml

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At the top of Denali exists a natural hot tub. Its waters smell as fresh as new-fallen snow. Getting into this hot tub has cost many a climber his life. They climb in and never want to climb out. Use Denali Body Wash, and you will experience a similar struggle when you leave the hot shower and step onto your freezing bathroom floor. But unlike those long-gone alpinists, you will smell crisp and manly, not stewed and deceased.

With DENALI, the great eagle will carry you beyond the scent of spruce trees to the top of Scent Mountain, where you will probably do something dangerous involving an axe. P.S. True outdoorsmen also use DENALI anti-perspirant and body spray.

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Old Spice Denali Body Wash - 473ml